About Henry's Metal Polishing, Inc.

Founded in 1951, Henry's Metal Polishing is committed to the principles of Quality and Service that have served us well over all these years.

The company has stayed relevant by adopting new technologies and developing proprietary processes that allow us to tackle difficult and unusual assignments.

With an average of 16 years of service, the employees at Henry's Metal Polishing bring a level of experience and expertise that is hard to find anywhere in the industry.

While our roots are firmly grounded in the polishing business, we have expanded our services to offer fabrication, welding and grinding services which makes us a unique "one stop shop" combination for fabricating and finishing.

Some of the industries that we serve are listed below:

  1. Commercial Furniture (Very high end coffee tables used in commercial buildings and banquettes/benches for board rooms or other large conference rooms)
  2. Commercial and residential furniture hardware
  3. Architectural (indoor and outdoor hand rails, headers and door jams for high rises, among many other)
  4. Creative artistry (metal sculptures and other related art work)
  5. Washroom components
  6. High end signage
  7. Marine (propellers and hand rails)
  8. High end lighting fixtures

Facilities and Equipment List

The facilities of Henry's Metal Polishing are located in a 7,000 sq. ft. building in Los Angeles, CA.

A partial list of the equipment is listed below:

  • 13 two heads stand-up polishing lathes
  • 1 David and Wells 6x258 manual stroke sander
  • 1 6x308 stroke sander with automatic table
  • 1 36 in. wide Ramco Belt sander model DW37R
  • 1 24 in. wide Ramco Belt sander model 25T-84
  • 1 Miller 250 TIG Welder
  • 2 Lincoln 275 TIG Welders
  • 1 Lincoln 255 MIG Welder

Special Services

We offer pre-polishing or graining services to minimize the costs associated with finishing an item after our customers fabricate them off-site.

We also offer the ability to touch up incomplete welds when grinding exposes pits or voids left during the welding process.

Due to our unique ability to weld, fabricate and also handle the necessary finishing operations we can offer shorter lead times that can be a valuable competitive advantage for our customers. In addition, we have a network of value added services providers like water-jet and laser cutting, plating, forming and shaping that allows us to provide fast turnaround for your projects.

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