Custom Manufacturing & Polishing of Special Furniture Legs

Custom Manufacturing & Polishing of Special Furniture Legs
Custom Manufacturing & Polishing of Special Furniture Legs

Custom Manufacturing & Polishing of Special Furniture Legs
Custom Manufacturing & Polishing of Special Furniture Legs

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The custom interior furniture legs we produce at Henry's Metal Polishing, Inc. include conical, square tapered, and rectangular shaped legs, all of which are manufactured to the customer’s specific design. Legs are typically manufactured using 16 gauge stainless steel or cold rolled steel material which provides the necessary strength while remaining cost effective. The standard cross section for legs is 4” by 4”, which is reduced down to 1” by 1” for tapered designs. The height of the leg varies from 4” to 9” according to the customer’s design, with the most common leg height being 8”.

The shape of the leg may be formed in-house or outsourced to a partner vendor, depending on the shape requirements. We have multiple fabrication capabilities in-house but are careful to assess whether a process is well-suited to our core competencies before investing in additional equipment. By maintaining a network of premium quality metal fabricators and metal plating providers, we are able to provide customers with the optimal balance of quality and cost. Regardless of where the processes are performed, the finished parts are always produced to customer specifications and delivered on time.

After the initial shape of the leg has been produced, the parts are given a # 4 brushed finish or #8 mirror finish. Cold rolled steel legs are plated, typically in chrome, to prevent corrosion, while stainless steel legs require no additional treatment. Finally, the mounting plates are attached to the legs and any discoloration that results from the welding process is removed. Our team produces several hundred custom furniture legs per month with a typical order minimum of 100 pieces. However, in some case we have made as little as two legs for custom projects. For additional details about our custom furniture legs, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Special Furniture Leg Capabilities

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Grinding and Polishing
Tightest Tolerance
Material Thickness
16 gauge
Product Width
4in. x 4in. if it is a square part. If it is a tapered part, the top is usually 4 in. square and the bottom is 1.0 in square.
Product Height
Usually 8 in. but it can vary anywhere from 4 to 9 inches tall
Base Material
304 Stainless steel or cold rolled steel
Material Thickness Applied (plating/powdercoating/painting)
If the base material is cold rolled steel, the parts are plated to avoid corrosion.
Material Finish
#4 Satin or #8 Mirror finish
Industry for Use
Custom furniture applications
Several hundred per month in different heights. 100 piece order minimum per part number. Custom quantities can be as little as one.
Delivery Time
4-6 weeks from the time the order is placed. 6-8 weeks for custom orders.
Delivery Location
Customers pick up finished product
Design Work
None. Customer provides prints with dimensions. In case of custom orders, customer submits red-lined drawing specifying changes.
Drawing Type Accepted

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