Custom Manufactured Stainless Steel Sofa Legs

Custom Manufactured Stainless Steel Sofa Legs
Custom Manufactured Stainless Steel Sofa Legs

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At Henry's Metal Polishing, Inc., we manufacture a variety of sizes of steel and stainless steel sofa legs for residential and commercial furniture manufacturers. The legs consist of a cut piece of tube that is welded to a 3” by 3” mounting plate. The diameter of the 16 gauge tubing is based on customer preference and ranges from 1” to 3” depending on the required loading and aesthetics of the design. Similarly, we produce the legs in multiple heights from 2” to 9”, once again, depending on customer specifications. The steel is polished to a #4 brushed finish or a #8 mirror finish and the cold rolled steel is sent out to a partner vendor for chrome plating, while stainless steel legs are typically left uncoated.

While the tubes are being cut and finished, the mounting plates are drilled and countersunk so that the wood screws will be flush with the top of the plate when attached to the sofa. After the assembly is welded together, all weld marks and discoloration are removed through precision grinding processes. Finally, a plastic slider cap is installed in the bottom of the leg to provide a stable base and protect the floor against marring when the furniture is moved. We produce approximately 1,000 legs per month in various sizes with a minimum order of 100 pieces for a given leg size and type. The lead time for our custom sofa legs averages four to six weeks, with some custom orders requiring up to eight weeks, depending on specific requirements of the project. For additional details about our custom sofa legs, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Sofa Leg Polishing & Capabilities

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Tightest Tolerance
1/32 in
Material Thickness
16 gauge
Product Width
The diameter of the tube leg varies from 1 to 3 in. in diameter depending on customer requirements. A 3in. x 3in. top plate is welded on to the piece of tubing which is used to fasten the leg to the sofa.
Product Height
The height varies from 2 to 9 in. depending on customer requirements.
Cutting Method
Cold saw
Base Material
304 Stainless Steel or cold rolled steel
Material Thickness Applied (plating/powdercoating/painting)
Most of these sofa legs are made from stainless steel and do not require any additional coatings once they are finished. However, from time to time, the base material is cold rolled steel in which case the final product gets usually chrome plated. Other types of coatings can also be applied.
Material Finish
The sofa legs can be finished either in a #4 brushed finish or a #8 mirror finish depending on customer requirements.
Industry for Use
Commercial or residential furniture industry
About 1,000 pieces a month of different dimensions/styles with a 100 piece minimum order per part number.
Delivery Time
Usually 4-6 weeks lead time. For custom/special orders, lead times usually are 6-8 weeks.
Delivery Location
Customer picks up finished sofa legs
Design Work
Customer provides drawings with dimensions. In case of custom order, they supply a marked up drawing.
Drawing Type Accepted

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