El Camino’s Staircase Graining Project

2nd Story El Camino Staircase
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This handsome staircase makes a powerful visual impact on visitors as they enter a stylish building on El Camino in Beverly Hills, California. The brushed stainless steel finish combined with the glass stairs lends a unique feeling of warmth and sophistication to the space. The architects did not overlook a single detail in order to create a character of prominence and prestige at the main entrance.

At Henry’s Metal Polishing, we were contracted to create a #4 architectural brushed finish to add depth and distinction to the stainless steel components. We took delivery of the individual beams, which we pre-grained using a stroke sander and progressively finer 60, 80, and 120 grit belts. Following our initial pre-polishing step, the beams were transported to a facility where the entire structure was assembled, aligned, and welded into one complete unit.

Once the structure was fully erected, grinders and polishers from here at Henry’s Metal Polishing went to work to smooth out the finish on the welded sections. Using resin fiber disks from +36 to 120 grit, we removed all excess weld material and prepared the surfaces for the final step of manual graining. We finished the graining by hand to ensure a smooth transition between the structural components. When viewed in close proximity, the staircase structure has an entirely seamless appearance with uniformly directional graining. In addition to graining the beams for the staircase, we also created the same brushed finish on each of the individual connectors that hold the glass stairs in place.

The exceptional quality and artistry of our work can be seen in these photographs. If you would like more information about this project or our metal finishing capabilities, contact us today.

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2nd Story El Camino Staircase                                                            2nd Story El Camino Staircase

El Camino’s Staircase Capabilities

Project Name
El Camino’s Staircase
Glass Stairs
Stainless Steel Staircase
#4 Brushed Finish
Sanding Equipment
Stroke Sander
Grit Belts
Pre-Finish Resin Fiber Disks
+36 to 120 grit

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Beverly Hills, CA
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