Celebrating 70 years in business



Historical timeline 1951 - 2021


Henry Valdez started Henry’s Metal Polishing in East Los Angeles on 3445 Union Pacific Ave.


Sun Choi bought Henry’s Metal Polishing from its founder who retired at that time.


Danny L. Reese bought Henry’s Metal Polishing from Sun Choi. MIG and TIG welding capabilities were added as part of the service offerings.


Henry’s Metal Polishing is incorporated as a C corporation in the State of California with the name of Henry’s Metal Polishing, Inc.


Enrique A. Nikutowski bought Henry’s Metal Polishing, Inc. from Danny L. Reese who retired and moved to Henderson, NV.


Henry’s Metal Polishing Inc. becomes ISO 9001:2015 Certified.


Henry’s Metal Polishing Inc. relocates from its original location in East Los Angeles to its current location on 9856 Rush St in S El Monte, CA.

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  “My work as a sculptor relies on very highly polished, mirror finish aluminum. I had known about Henry's for years but always assumed they would be too expensive for me. But over time I had to recognize all that it took for me to polish aluminum - the time, high-priced consumables and the filthy mess created by polishing. I also had to admit that my results were often less than perfect. And I realized that polishing took me away from the things that was most important - creating new work. So now Henry's does all my polishing. I'm actually saving money, time and energy, and my results are far better for it.” J.P. - Metal Sculptor


 “Henry's is the best polishing shop in LA. They are highly skilled, highly attentive to detail, courteous, communicative and able to take on complex jobs that require the highest level of customer service. Definitely five stars!” Kathryn A.


 “If you believe in quality and want to look good to your clients, Henry’s Metal Polishing is where you need to be. They take pride in their work so you always look good.” Kevin Kolanowski CEO/Designer Fuse Lighting