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In this project, we helped a leading manufacturer of water well casings and screens with the polishing of a louver screen. This project began with the delivery of unfinished sections of 12” schedule 40 stainless steel pipe, which required a number of steps, each critical to the end finish. Before pretreatment could even begin, there was a weld seam that needed to be blended flawlessly into the pipe. This was completed with the use of a 60 grit aluminum oxide flap wheel. Once the weld seam was taken care of the pre-polishing work began. The entire outer surface was ground smooth using a progression of belts that ranged from 80 to 400 grit. This was followed by a sisal and color buff treatment to finish up the pretreatment. At this point, the pipe sections were shipped back to the customer for the machining of louvers.

When machining was complete, they were returned to us for the polishing phase. The machining had left burrs on some the machined areas, which had to be removed using a 60 grit aluminum oxide flap wheel. With the burrs removed and the pipe section back in the initial pre-machined state, we moved onto the final polishing process. Because of the shape and contour of the louvers their polishing required the use of hand tools to ensure consistency of finish. The entire pipe was then polished to a #8 mirror finish using a sisal and color buff.

This project presented a number of challenges; the multi-step polishing process that is time-consuming and requires an expert hand was exacerbated by the logistical requirements of the machining that was needed midstream.

At Henry’s Metal Polishing, we specialize in completing multi-faceted polishing projects, and this was no exception. In the end, we turned the entire project over in just three weeks.

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Roscoe Moss Pipe Capabilities

Project Name & Description
Stainless Steel
#8 Mirror Finish
12 in
Seam Weld Grounding Equipment
60 grit aluminum oxide flap wheel
80 to 400 grit
Color Buff
3 Weeks

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Delivery Location
Los Angeles, California
Steel Fabrication
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